artist statement / c.v.

Probably the most difficult thing is to have the certainty of who one is. Even today it’s an arduous task to define myself, especially when one conjugates several contradictions that break with the idea of having a specific north. In this context, an artist statement is a short-sighted work that may be incomplete. I can commit the injustice of leaving aside aspects, obviating them unconsciously.

The Overview effect is a phenomenon that astronauts experience when going out into outer space and observing the planet earth in its entirety; they notice a cognitive change of consciousness, seeing the disappearance of borders
and perceiving a concept of human unity. Carl Sagan’s thoughts on the Pale Blue Dot photography points in that direction.

A group of blind men comes across an elephant. Trying to decipher it’s physical nature, they each touch a different part of the animal. The result is an erroneous notion of the pachyderm to believe that it’s a trunk, legs or a tail. The Indian parable of the blind and the elephant illustrates that subjective vision that can only be overcome when the different points of view manage to reconcile in a great total vision: to go back in order to observe the whole picture.

Maybe I am still like those blind people, manifesting through my work different parts of a great whole that I only intuit with glimpses. I keep scrutinizing in my context and in my psyche. I’m still painting, drawing, writing and rambling with the hope that one day I can see the elephant in its entirety.

| (+30) 6996955125 | | Pythias 7A, 4th floor, Kypseli, Athens, Greece|
Current Representation: SGR Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia. (+57) 1 6318027


2010. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bachelor of Fine Arts. 


2019. Chili Art Gallery. Mantra. Athens, Greece

2016. SGR Gallery. The Sense of Things. Bogotá, Colombia

2011. Estanislao Zuleta Cultural Corporation. My mind is my hell. Medellín, Colombia


2021. SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (SGR Gallery booth). Barcelona, Spain

2021. Casa 73-22 (In association with SGR Gallery). Otras Geografías. Bogotá, Colombia

2020. SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (SGR Gallery booth). Barcelona, Spain

2019. 45SNA (45th National Artists Salon). Bogotá, Colombia

2018. Commission Work. Mariott Hotel- Santa Marta, Colombia

2018. La Bellevilloise -Festival l’autre Amérique Latine. Paris, France

2017. Aegis Building. Open Studio Exhibition- Johannesburg, South Africa

2017. SGR Gallery. Water as a vehicle of psychedelia. Bogotá, Colombia

2016. Odeón. Contemporary Art Fair. Bogotá, Colombia.

2016. SGR Gallery. Pre-recorded Laughs. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014. Odeón. Contemporary Art Fair. Bogotá, Colombia.

2012. Espacio Moebius. C_ZINE, show of colombian fanzines. Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010. Atrium, IDB Headquarters. 80 years – Javeriana in the Arts. Washington D.C.

2010. The Warehouse Art Gallery. Unidad Once – Drawing Show. Bogotá, Colombia.


2011. Training Grant, Ministry of Culture and Cultural PRANA Business Incubator and Creative Industries.

2007. National Award “Sin Formato” Honorable Mention, Ministry of Culture, for the work “Iron and Magma”.


2020. NOTHINGNESS. Self published (FANGO houseprint).

2019. BADLANDS. Editorial project part of the 45th National Artists Salon.

2016. VADEMÉCUM. Perro Centinela Comics.

2013. Flores para Veneno. Volcán Ediciones.

2010. Araña de Siete Patas. Self-published.

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